Logan is one of a kind

Logan at Friends of Greyhounds
Logan responding to his name
Logan is a sweet, laidback fawn who reappeared at Friends of Greyhounds on June 1. He spent more than three years in a home where he was loved but did not adjust to its high energy.

Logan was born Aug. 16, 2011. He was pretty banged up when he first appeared at FoG in November 2013 as Fuzzy's Bob Dylan. He still has the scars on the side of his body and the missing toes to show for his rugged racing career.

Logan's missing toe
Logan's right hind
He didn't stay at FoG long that first time. He was out of the kennels and into a home a few weeks later, on New Year's Eve 2013. But judging from a letter his adoptive father wrote to FoG after he was returned, he spent much of the time in his home confused and upset.

One of the children in the family is special needs, and he apparently put Logan through some rough times -- taunting him, trapping him in corners and confusing him on household furniture rules. The letter said Logan suffered some separation anxiety when the family would leave on vacation trips and couldn't adjust either to a house sitter nor a kennel.

And with extended family members coming and going frequently and the kids bringing young friends in and out of the house, Logan had a hard time finding a safe, quiet space. When he would, visitors and children wouldn't leave him be. It got to a point where Logan would growl and snap at just about everyone.

The family did figure out that the environment wasn't working for Logan, so they did the right thing and arranged for Michelle to pick him up and bring him back to FoG to find a more suitable home.

I felt so sorry for Logan when he first arrived back at the kennels. He obviously is a sensitive hound, and he was pretty seriously depressed for a couple of weeks -- he rarely ate his meals, he didn't respond to any human contact. Essentially, he just clung to the floor of the kennel and wouldn't move.

He did start coming around in a couple of weeks. He slowly started eating his meals and did get his spirits back up. He has readjusted, and now his loving, easygoing personality is on full display every day. Here he is responding to me:

Despite Logan's eagerness to please, he has been a tough sell. A couple of visitors have shown interest in him but haven't been able to get past the big scars on his side or his two obviously missing toes. The injuries are completely healed -- they cause him no pain nor slow him down in any way. He walks and runs with no issues.

Logan would be great with a small family -- a single adult, an empty-nest couple, a family with older children -- with a low-key lifestyle. His previous family said he loves his leash walks. He has been an easygoing charmer when along on a FoG outing.

Please give Michelle or Jerry D. a call at 954-578-0072 to arrange a meeting with Logan. Also, you can text Michelle at 954-937-9663 or send her an email at fogdogs@comcast.net. Logan is anxious to hear from you.



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