Kelly is ready for another great home

Kelly at Friends of Greyhounds
Kelly got dressed up for a photo shoot earlier this week.
Kelly is back at Friends of Greyhounds looking for another home.

The 4-year-old black beauty has been back in Sunrise since August. He spent about four months with a retired couple in Davie who reluctantly gave him up because Kelly wasn't a good mix with the grandchildren.

Kelly, born April 27, 2013, was retired in December after 102 races as PJ Loaded Dice. He became simply PJ when he arrived for the first time at FoG in February. Michelle delivered him to his Davie home in April, but he came back renamed Kelly in August.

His former adoptive parents are longtime FoG adopters. Kelly was their sixth greyhound. But they reluctantly decided to give up Kelly when it became apparent that he would not be able to get along with their six young grandchildren.

They wrote a letter to Michelle to assure her that he adapted perfectly to living in their home. He never had an accident in the house, they said, and was completely trustworthy for free access to their home.

Kelly and Kal at Friends of Greyhounds
Kelly, at right, and his FoG pal Kal.
But he didn't take to the young kids when they would visit. He found a safe place to hide in his parents' den when the kids arrived. He would be fine off by himself. But the children couldn't resist moving into his space and trying to play with him. Kelly started growling at them to warn them off and snapped at them a couple of times. So his parents decided it would be best for Kelly to be rehomed with a family without young children around.

Kelly is a robust, healthy, beautiful dog. Like all greyhounds, he springs to life with human attention. He's going to be a great friend in a household with adults and older children. 

Call Friends of Greyhounds at 954-578-0072 to set up a meeting with Kelly. I think you'll be impressed.



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