Fall is in the air

Dusty was ecstatic today when she realized what her day was about to become.

Dusty at Tephford Park
Dusty has a look and a couple of sniffs around while I take a short break on one of the park's benches
A nice cool front moved into South Florida. And for the first time in months, we were able to turn off the A/C and open the doors and windows in the townhouse. It only got a tick or two above 70 degrees today, and a hefty 10-mph breeze with some serious gusts has been blowing all day.

Just after noon, I put the girl in the Kia Koach and drove northwest for a couple miles or so. Dusty, of course, is always proud and happy to take a ride in her Koach, no matter where she ends up -- even if she ends up right back at home after a short round trip.

Tephford Park aerial view
Eastern section of Tephford Park
But, my, does she get happy when she looks out the window and sees one of her favorite walkways getting closer. This time, for the first time in a long time, she caught a glimpse of the long green spaces of Tephford Park and jumped straight to her feet. We pulled into a parking space at the park, and she couldn't contain her excitement while I took a few seconds to pull my Bose earbuds out of the glove compartment and queued up a Spotify playlist.

That was as loud and as insistent a greyhound bark as I've heard in awhile. Dusty was ready to go, and she didn't want me wasting any more time.

I finally did get her out of the car, and she spent the next 20 minutes or so prancing on air above the concrete walkway that takes us parallel to Southgate Boulevard in western Tamarac, up past a kids' playground and right along the C-14 Canal. It's a beautiful walk among the nests of burrowing owls either into a strong headwind or riding a good tailwind, depending on which way you're going.

Those walks are the highlights of our day. Thursday is supposed to be even more beautiful, with the clouds giving way to a bright sun. If you need Dusty or me tomorrow, you'll know where to find us.

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