These seven hounds would love to share your home

Jagger and Dusty take a leisurely stroll
Jagger and Dusty on a leisurely stroll
Hurricane Irma has been gone for about three weeks now, but we still have reminders of her lying in piles all over the place here in South Florida. Everywhere you look, you see missing sections of fencing and heaps of brown leaves and dead tree branches strewn about.

For the most part, at least what I see in central and western Broward County, everyday life has returned to normal. People are going to work, restaurants and stores are open, gasoline is flowing plentiful again. But beneath the surface, many of us are still dealing with and paying for cleanup and repairs and working furiously to get our businesses back on track.

All of which doesn't leave a lot of time to think about adding a greyhound to our families. Thinking back, I don't believe I know of one person who has visited the Friends of Greyhounds kennels this month to window-shop the available hounds -- and this month will be over in a couple of days. Where normally FoG will be a revolving door with hounds going out to homes and hounds coming in from the racetracks to fill the kennels up again, FoG has had the same seven dogs in the Sunrise kennels for weeks.

Dusty and Jagger taking in the water view
Dusty and Jagger enjoy the view of the canal.
We love every one of those seven, of course. But it doesn't make any of us happy to have any one hound in the kennel for too long. Every one of these dogs deserves a good home to live in and some loving humans to call their own.

Michelle and Jerry D. -- call them Momma and Papa FoG if you'd like -- would really love to see these seven start moving out the door. We know other things are on people's minds right now. So Michelle told me today she would offer some good discounts off the organization's adoption fees to try to stimulate movement.

And I'll pitch in by offering an introduction to each of the dogs over the next few days. I'll cover them all over the next week or so to give you a chance to meet each of them.

Jagger, at 8 years old, is the oldest of the current FoG dogs, so he's the one we feel most urgent about. He's been staying with Dusty and me for the past couple of days but will return to his kennel at FoG on Friday. I've gotten to know him pretty well over the past couple of days -- he's a great, wonderful, loving animal who already knows how to live in a home. He's completely house-trained, he knows his limits and is fine being left alone when necessary. He has shown me no desire to climb up onto furniture in case that would be a rule in your home.

Jagger ready for action
Ready to spring into action
He spent about five years with an older single man in a sixth-floor condo, so he's accustomed to not having his own yard. He loves, loves, loves his leash walks, and he knows how to behave on a lead. He and Dusty and I have had a great time bonding on long walks around the neighborhood.

I gave a pretty good look at Jagger in a blog post on Wednesday. If you didn't see it, or if you'd like to review, click here.

Jagger is a great candidate for a single adult who wants a friendly, devoted, well-behaved best friend. If you fit that description, please call Michelle or Jerry D. at 954-578-0072 and come by for a visit. Jagger would love to meet you.

I'll be back in the next day or two to start telling you about the rest of the dogs. In the meantime, here's a sneak preview, a video I shot this afternoon at FoG featuring the other six adoptables. These guys and girl would love to see you soon.



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