Summer days, fall evenings

We're hitting that time of year here in South Florida. The hot afternoon sun fights for dominance with dark, loud, fast-moving thunderstorms. But once the alternating bright sky and gloomy clouds make way for nightfall, we can enjoy some gloriously breezy, pleasant evenings as we say goodbye to the humidity of summer.

For us humans, those nice evenings are merely our first taste of the wonderful months ahead of us. But for our hounds, days like today make you think that maybe they don't know whether they're coming or going.

Exhibit A: Our old friend Maggie in Delray Beach, who really does not like the sound those nasty afternoon thunderstorms make. Mom Joan dropped us this photo this evening:

Maggie and the munchkins in Delray Beach
Maggie hunkers down through a Friday-afternoon thunderstorm, seeking protection from her Munchkins, Cassie and Smidgen.
Dusty, in the meantime, slept away much of the day by herself, as I had a few errands that needed running. I did get back to her in late afternoon to put her in the Kia Koach for one more errand that involved her. Her excitement about her ride in the car was short-lived, though, when she realized we had pulled into the parking lot of that nasty Animal Hospital of University Drive. No issues -- it was time for her annual checkup and vaccinations, and everything went without a hitch. But she really does not like that place -- that nice Dr. Ansara is pleasant enough, but he tends to poke his fingers into unpleasant places and sticks needles in her butt.

Dusty wants to go out and play
"Dad, let's go outside and play."
We got out of there quickly, though, and came back home to settle in for a nice dinner and some pennant-race baseball on the TV. We weren't relaxed for too long, though, before the girl got restless and demanded to get outside and enjoy the beautiful evening. And we had a gloriously long late-night walk around the neighborhood, one of the best we've had in months.

My, was that ever good. Be gone, summer. Bring on the fall. My girl and I are ready for some quality time in the great parks here in western and central Broward.



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