Hurricane Stormy wants to blow you away

Stormy in her kennel at Friends of Greyhounds
Stormy kicking back in her FoG kennel
If you like a little bit of spunk in your greyhounds, Stormy might be the one for you.

This solidly built black beauty showed up at the Friends of Greyhounds kennels in late April, making her the veteran of the shelter's current roster of adoptables. She became an instant favorite of mine because she looks so much like Dusty. She has a little less white trim than Dusty does, and she's not quite as slim as Dusty. But they could easily pass as twins. Stormy was born Jan. 7, 2014 -- making her two days older than Dusty. 

Stormy shortly after arrival at Friends of Greyhounds
Stormy in April, just after her arrival at FoG
As I soon learned, though, their close age and similar appearance shouldn't lead you to believe Stormy and Dusty are cut from the same cloth. Whereas Dusty generally is cool as a cucumber, pulling you into her orbit, Stormy is a go-getter. She comes to you to get your attention.

Stormy guards her corner of the FoG kennels fiercely. When she's inside her kennel and one of the other dogs happens to pass by, she'll raise her voice to warn him not to invade her space. But I've never seen her do that with one of us humans. When one of us gets close, she perks up and welcomes human attention.

Being the only female in the FoG guest residence, Stormy gets turned out with Jerry D. and Michelle's house dogs as well as Dusty when we are there. She gets along great with everybody, running and socializing as part of the family. Whenever I am out in the yard with that group, Stormy invariably will come hang out with me. She'll stand at my knee and accept my attention for as long as I'm willing to give it.

I've had her out for leash walks several times. She's happy to hang out on lead. She loves exploring the neighborhood.

I gave her the nickname Hurricane Stormy back in June, when Michelle took her on a meet-and-greet at the west Boca Pet Supermarket. She was in a mood that day and was all over the place twisting and turning and trying to get off leash to go explore on her own. I got a video of a few seconds of that here:

I"m not sure what was going on with her that day. She did seem particularly restless that day. I've not seen that kind of rebellious behavior in her in the three months since. She's been a model citizen when I've spent time with her.

Stormy at Pet Supermarket appearance
Stormy in her wired Pet Supermarket appearance in June
Stormy's racing name was Mohican Icestorm. She ran 88 races in her career. Michelle's records say she was a finalist in the 2015 Palm Beach Puppy Stakes. She also spent some time at Flagler Dog Track in Miami.

Stormy is a great girl. She's loves and responds eagerly to human attention. She's definitely up there on the greyhound high-energy scale. She did not test well for cat-tolerance, so she's probably not the best choice for a family with small animals or children. But if you have a household of teens and adults and a fenced yard, Stormy might be your perfect match.

Call Jerry D. or Michelle at FoG, 954-578-0072, to arrange a visit with Stormy. She's looking forward to meeting you. Michelle has promised to cut a deal on adoption fees if you'd like to take Stormy home with you.



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