Slow day at Pet Supermarket

Dusty and Lilly at Pet Supermarket
"Between you and me, Lilly, it's kind of slow here today."
It was a short day for Friends of Greyhounds today at the Pet Supermarket store in Sunrise.

Dusty and Frozen at Pet Supermarket
Dusty and Frozen hanging out at Pet Supermarket
Dusty and I hung out for a couple of hours with Michelle, Jerry B. and FoG guest resident Frozen at the adoption event. Steve showed up for a short time with his foster girl, Lilly. But it was a typical slow South Florida midsummer day.

The store had very little customer traffic and the FoG display only had a couple of curious visitors, so we decided to fold it up early and take the rest of the day off to rest up for the big event Sunday.

Dusty and I will be at the FoG booth at the Animal Adoption Fair at War Memorial Auditorium, 800 NE Eighth Street in Fort Lauderdale, on Sunday. Parking and admission are free. Put your dog on a leash and stop by and say hello to us. It should be a great event.

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