Please help find homes for these two

Lovable Roscoe really needs a home
Michelle at Friends of Greyhounds has found herself in a bit of a pickle.

A friend who owns a horse ranch in western Broward County came upon a couple of mixed-breed puppies a few days ago that were apparently dumped within the fenced confines of the property. Michelle drove out to her friend's ranch to retrieve the dogs, who eventually landed at the Plantation home of longtime FoG friend and supporter Steve.

FoG isn't equipped to shelter breeds other than greyhounds, so the two dogs can't stay at the Sunrise kennels. And Steve already has three greyhounds and a couple of cats in his house, so it's a big burden for him to take on a couple of more animals, even on a short-term fostering basis.

I went with Michelle to Steve's house today to meet Rosco and Lilly. So I can vouch that these two youngsters would make great pets for anyone, especially a family with young kids.

Rosco is a bundle of lovable energy -- all he wants to do is to cuddle with a human. I sat down on the floor at Steve's house to say hello, and Rosco was all over me planting kisses and curling into every corner of my arms and shoulders he could find.

Lilly is more reserved. She's timid and doesn't like to be approached before she's ready. She scampered away every time I made a move toward her to pet her. But once I was down on the floor with Rosco, Lilly did come over to investigate and say hello. She's a sweetheart, but she'll need to warm up to a human on her own terms.

Lilly needs a home
Obviously, none of us know anything about these two. We don't know if they're from the same litter -- it's possible, but there's no way to tell. They appear to be at least several months old. Both probably weigh about 30 pounds and stand about 20 inches tall.

Rosco does look like he might have had a fight. The top of his head has been skinned, and he has some wounds on the left side of his face. Steve said he is healing pretty well, though. He said Rosco's wounds were pretty ugly when he and Michelle first saw him about a week ago. Also, Rosco tested positive for heartworm, so he will need to be on medications for quite awhile.

Lilly, on the other hand, appears completely healthy. She has no apparent wounds of any kind, and she has a clean bill of health.

Here's the bottom line: Michelle and Steve need these two to find homes as soon as possible. Steve is fostering them, but Michelle is taking responsibility for their well-being. She's added the two to her roster of adoptable dogs on the FoG website. Click here to read a little more about them. If you'd like to meet one or both of these lovable dogs, call Michelle at 954-578-0072.

Have a look at Rosco roaming through the garden in Steve's backyard:

Please, pass the word. Rosco and Lilly would love you forever for it.



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