One hound leaves, two return at FoG

Hawk with new adoptive parents Mark and Amy
Hawk with new adoptive parents Mark and Amy
The good news: Hawk got himself into a new home Tuesday. Michelle and I delivered him to Mark and Amy in southwestern Miami-Dade County three days ahead of Hawk's fourth birthday.

The bad news: We had to stop in Davie on the way back to retrieve Kelly -- known as PJ when he left the Friends of Greyhounds kennels in April. Kelly couldn't get along with the young grandkids, so he had to say goodbye and come back to Sunrise to look for a more suitable home.

Kelly was returned to Friends of Greyhounds
Kelly (formerly PJ)
Mark and Amy lost both of their senior greyhounds in the past year. They visited the FoG kennels several days ago and claimed Hawk, who now has a couple of young human siblings and a small fenced yard to explore.

The young family will face some challenges bringing a new dog into their home with two toddlers. But Hawk seems to be the laid-back, mellow type, and it is a family with plenty of greyhound experience. Mark and Amy were fully confident that they'll be able to make necessary adjustments as they learn the needs of their new hound and their young kids.

Kelly is a 4-year-old black male with a beautiful white mask. His adoptive parents are a retired couple who have had several greyhounds over the years. But Kelly did turn out to be the wrong dog for their situation. I'll tell you a little more about Kelly as I get to know him.

Michelle just told me one more dog has been returned to the FoG kennels. Jagger is an 8-year-old who was in a home in Hollywood. His adoptive father moved into an assisted-care facility, so the family turned Jagger over to FoG. Again, I'll have more details on him in the coming days.



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