Kango gets a beach vacation

Kango and Rick at Sanibel
Kango and Rick having a moment during their vacation
Sorry you haven't heard from Dusty and I in a few days. It's been more than a week, the longest dry spell we've had since we started this blog.

Part of it are the dog days of summer. We're not getting out into the world much these days -- four or five quick walks to take care of business is our speed on this run of sun-drenched, humidity-soaked, 100-degree-real-feel days.

Dusty and I did have a couple of house guests of the grandparents variety -- Ma and Pa Sharp stopped in to visit the grand-hound and break a lot of bread with the son for a few days last week. I spent this weekend with my new next-door neighbor washing and painting some concrete.

Rick on the beach in Sanibel with Bullet and Kango
Early-morning beach walk
I'm filling in the rest of the time tinkering with my new obsession to make this townhouse and the entertainment electronics smarter. But I do long for the days coming soon when Dusty and I can get back to the business of hanging out in the parks around town enjoying lovely weather.

We do have an old friend who did get out and enjoy the best that South Florida summers have to offer. Just about three weeks after Kango went to live with his new family in Cutler Bay, he and Bullet got to go to Sanibel Island for some fun on the beach with Rick and Janine and the two girls, Sam and Kathryn.

Rick had a great time bonding with Kango. He posted something on Facebook just about every day they were there. He also PM'ed me a couple of times throughout the week -- and it was so obvious that he and Kango are a great match. He loves that guy and is proud to show him off.

Rick gave me permission to share his photos and videos here at Dusty and Me.

Here's one of my favorite things ever. Rick mentioned early on that Kango didn't take to the steps up to the family's second-floor beach condo. This was the solution:

(Email subscribers: Click here for the video.)

You Kango fans out there, know that he has found himself a great life with this family. Friends of Greyhounds definitely got it right on this adoption.



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