Fufu gets a new name in her new home

Fufu with Leon and Tia
Lia (formerly Fufu) poses in the summer sun with Leon and Tia
It was a day of new beginnings for Fufu, the cute little black female grey who had been in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels for several weeks.

I left Dusty at her second home with Uncle Jerry and her Sunrise buddies for a couple hours Saturday afternoon to ride along with Michelle and deliver Fufu to her new family.

Leon and Tia live on the second floor in a Coconut Creek apartment complex. They greeted Fufu, Michelle and I in the parking lot outside their building and led us to a long, steep concrete stairway that would take us to their front door.

Lia with her new toy
Lia with her new toy
Fufu, of course, was confused as Michelle guided humans into position to coax the girl up the steps. But she took to the stairway surprisingly well. Michelle pushed her from behind and I guided Fufu's leash to get her up the first few steps. But Fufu caught on and essentially climbed the last half of the steps on her own.

Once inside the apartment, Fufu acted like she had just discovered heaven. She dragged me into every area she could get to in her new apartment, eagerly taking in every sight and scent available to her. And then Leon showed Fufu the new squeaky toy he bought for her and Michelle gave permission to let Fufu off leash.

My goodness, Fufu fell into greyhound bliss. She clutched her new toy in her mouth and spent the next several minutes carrying it from room to room and back squeaking and exploring. Here are a few seconds near the end of her tour:

That video and another one, as always, can be found at Dusty's Videos.

Michelle and I were at Leon and Tia's apartment for close to an hour, and Fufu didn't slow down much at all the entire time. She was excited about her new life.

Once all the adoption paperwork and Michelle's instructional demonstrations were complete, we decided to head back to the parking lot to see how Fufu would take to going down the stairway. I had her back on-leash, Michelle got behind her. But once she figured out where everyone was going, she bounded all the way down without any prompting. She got confused again, though, when Leon and Tia started taking her back upstairs. But again, she figured it out after a few steps and took the back half without prodding.

Leon and Tia have settled on a new name for their new girl -- Lia. Believe me when I tell you that it's a perfect name for what appears to Michelle and I to be a perfect match of dog and family. Congrats to everyone in that Coconut Creek home.


  1. Best wishes to Lia and her new family. How long did the squeaky toy last?


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