Dog-day afternoon

FoG booth at Animal Adoption Fair
Working the FoG booth: Lisa, Jerry D. and Michelle along with Rachel, Dusty, Hawk and Logan
Dusty at Animal Adoption Fair
"It's been a long day, Dad. Can we go home now?"
Dusty is sound asleep right now. She woke up long enough for her morning business walk and light breakfast. But since she's been finished with those essentials, she's been stretched out on her bed oblivious to the world.

And except for a forced late-night walk, that's how she spent Sunday evening after her long day at the Animal Adoption Fair in Fort Lauderdale.

Dusty and I were at the event open-to-close to help out at the Friends of Greyhounds booth. We spent much of the first couple of hours cruising the aisles among all the vendors and exhibitors and going outside once or twice in search of grassy areas.

After all that exercise, Dusty spent most of the next four or five hours camped out on a cushioned mat in the FoG booth allowing all kinds of strangers to stop by and make a fuss over her.

Princess on Board
Lisa bought Dusty a present.
It was hard work and a long day for a greyhound of Dusty's stature.

I'm fine with it. Dusty's cabin fever had been making me a little crazy for the past few days. She hadn't been getting out much recently because of my summer hibernation.

I did get her out for a reasonably long walk along the Cypress Creek Greenway after sundown Thursday. That helped a little. Now, two straight days of working adoption events appears to have cleared her system, at least for now.

Dusty fast asleep
Do Not Disturb
FROZEN FOUND A HOME: Shortly after we closed shop Saturday at the Pet Supermarket event, Michelle got a call from previous adopter Irene. Irene and Jorge lost their greyhound a couple of days ago and decided they wanted to fill the space in their Little Havana home ASAP.

Lola watching TV
Lola enjoying her new widescreen
The couple then drove up to Sunrise to have a look at the FoG kennel dogs and immediately fell in love with Frozen. Michelle then put the girl in her van and drove her to her new home.

Irene dropped an email yesterday to let us know that Frozen, now named Lola, had a great first day in Little Havana. Irene said Lola was a little nervous in her new home, as expected, but spent all night outside her crate. Lola ate "like a champ" and let her new guardians know when she had to get outside to do her business. 

About 6:30 a.m. Sunday, Irene said, "a huge thunderstorm swept over our house and scared the peedoodles out of her. She tried to climb into the (open) refrigerator. I really tried hard not to laugh."



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