Savvy, we miss you already

Savvy 6-22-17
That's one glorious hound, that Savvy.
Debbie and Hayley stopped by the townhouse about an hour ago to pick up Savvy and take him back to his Coconut Creek home.

Savvy was here with Dusty and me for four days, and we loved having him here. That big fawn fella is nothing but a big hunk of joy. With the possible exception of devouring his big bowl of kibble twice a day, all Savvy cared about was his hosts.

For the entire four days, all he wanted was to be wherever I was at any given moment -- especially if I had a leash in my hand. The boy loves that leash. All I had to do was reach for it, and he would become a whirling dervish. He'd start spinning, jumping, pirouetting and steamrolling any other dog (Dusty) that might get in his way. Sorry I didn't get a video record of it, but I had to use every bit of concentration and dexterity I could muster to protect life and limb.

Savvy and Dusty loved their walks together. I got them out several times each day -- it's been so hot that I decided to do several short walks instead of fewer longer strolls. Didn't want to overheat them or me.

Dusty wasn't entirely happy with the situation, however. She got fairly protective of her stack of toys early on. This happened Tuesday morning, the first full day Savvy was here:

You heard me getting firm with Dusty at the end of that video. She slinked away to her bed in the next room and took a timeout for a few minutes. She got the message -- by this morning, she would just sit in her bed in the living room and enjoy the show:

(As usual, email subscribers can see the videos here).

Savvy mastered the stairway to the upstairs bedrooms about halfway into his visit. I got him up and down by physically moving his legs and pushing him the first couple of days. I had to -- if I went upstairs for any reason, and especially if Dusty went with me, Savvy would pace the entire downstairs and let out a pathetic, insistent whimper. He made his first trip upstairs by himself Wednesday morning -- and after that, he was up and down like a champ.

Just about the time Savvy became the boss of those stairs -- and he, Dusty and I were figuring out everyone else's rhythm -- alas, it was time for him to go home.

Come back and visit soon, big red boy. Dusty and I loved having you.



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