Meet Maggie

Maggie at Friends of Greyhounds
Maggie out in the yard for a little exercise at Friends of Greyhounds
Apparently, it's reunion season at Friends of Greyhounds. For the third time in a little more than a week, FoG has welcomed back an old friend looking for a new family.

This time it's Maggie, a small brindle girl who will be 7 years old in July. Maggie had been in her home for 4 1/2 years. But her primary caretaker passed away and she was returned to the FoG kennels Sunday morning.

Maggie is pretty stressed out. She hasn't eaten much in the past few days and has lost a few pounds. Michelle said she was really scared and confused her first day in the kennel. Dusty and I went to Sunrise this morning for a visit. We found her shivering noticeably from fright. But she did eat a meal this morning and happily devoured a second helping when it was offered.

Michelle and I went out to the yard for her turnout with the kennel's other girls, Stormy and Annie. She showed us that she is healthy physically, no issues. And she showed some spirit by taking a trotting tour of the yard. I posted a short video at Dusty's Videos. I think Maggie will be fine once she gets through this stressful transition.

She's a beauty. She probably won't be in the kennels for long. So if you think you might be interested in meeting Maggie, contact Michelle and book a kennel visit.



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