Maggie's off to Delray Beach

Maggie and Joan
Joan welcomes her new couch-mate, Maggie
Maggie, the older girl who came back to Friends of Greyhounds last week after her primary caretaker passed away, is off to a great new home.

Dusty stayed home to catch up on her sleep for a couple of hours this morning as Michelle picked me up in the FoG van for the ride north to introduce Maggie to her new mom and siblings in Delray Beach.

Joan is a longtime supporter of Friends of Greyhounds, having adopted two hounds previously. Michelle called her a couple of days ago to tell her about Maggie's plight, and Joan happily agreed to take in the grieving girl. But before they made it official, Michelle wanted to bring Maggie for a visit to make sure the rest of Joan's family would have no problem with her.

Cassie and Smidgen
Cassie and Smidgen
Maggie passed the audition with flying colors. Just as Michelle, Maggie and I got out of the van, Joan took 6-year-old Maggie and 4-year-old Zoe for a quick leash walk up the block, and the two hounds got along just fine.

Next was the big test. We walked into Joan's house and were greeted by two very tiny but very friendly and very cute chihuahuas. Cassie and Smidgen were excited to see the humans walk through the door. Zoe, meanwhile, went directly to her bed on the far side of the living room -- and Maggie instantly found her way to Joan's couch and made herself right at home.

We spent about an hour at Joan's house as she and Michelle caught up like old friends do. Zoe listened attentively from her bed. I played with the two little ones (Smidgen loved the taste of my arm). And Maggie made it known that the couch no longer belonged to only Joan.

Maggie did come back to Broward County with Michelle and I. Maggie will spend the next couple of days getting a dental cleaning and a pawdicure before returning to Delray for good sometime midweek.

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