Maggie's adoption is official

Joan and three of her dogs
Joan, Zoe, Smidgen and Cassie (new arrival Maggie didn't want to leave the couch)
It's official: Maggie is now part of Smidgen's harem in Delray Beach.

Maggie, you'll recall, is the little brindle girl who landed with Friends of Greyhounds several days ago after her adoptive human mother passed away. She arrived at the Sunrise shelter noticeably underweight and shaking in fright.

Maggie at Friends of Greyhounds
Maggie on her second day at FoG
But things only got better for Maggie from that point. She began eating vigorously almost right away and got over her insecurities within a day or two. She was only in her kennel for about a week when longtime FoG friend Joan agreed to take her in, sight unseen.

Michelle and I drove Maggie to Delray Beach a few days ago to meet her new family and see her new home -- and sealed the adoption commitment with Joan. Maggie got all her veterinarian work done on Thursday, and we took her home for good this morning -- just in time to celebrate her seventh birthday July 2.

So the licking little chihuahua boy Smidgen has one more girl in his family -- joining human Joan, chihuahua mix Cassie and greyhound Zoe. The happy little camper just became even happier.

Stormy at Friends of Greyhounds
Meanwhile, Kango's new family will be arriving back home from a long vacation soon. We're thinking his kennel will be freed up in a week or so. Also still in the FoG guest quarters today are Casey, Stormy, Logan, Taylor and Annie.

Michelle plans a Saturday drive to Hialeah to pick up two more boys. And she and I probably will be off to Orlando one day next week to retrieve a couple of girls.

Check the FoG website, linked above, to learn more about the dogs there now. I'll tell you about the new guests as they arrive.

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