Hounds Week for Dusty and Me

Dusty and Savvy sleeping
Dusty took the spare bed so her guest could be comfy. ... Nah, that's not how it went down.
It's a good week to be an amateur hound sitter in South Florida -- Dusty and I have been hired to look after seven hounds over the next few days while their families are taking a vacation, on a business trip and working long overnight shifts.

The day started with Debbie dropping off Savvy at the townhouse this morning. Debbie and the family are going on a short vacation that was planned before they adopted Savvy a little more than three weeks ago. Dusty and I have plenty of room to share with a big fawn greyhound, so we happily agreed to take him in for a few days.

Dusty was excited about having a visitor:

Savvy and Dusty both are asleep next to me now. The two hounds get along great.

Floyd and Ace
Floyd the fawn and Ace
Savvy has shown me so far that two things he loves -- his leash and to be wherever I am. Dusty will follow me from room to room, upstairs and downstairs, during the course of a day. Savvy, though, not only wants to be in the same room, he wants to be in physical contact as much as possible. The big boy is a leaner and a lover.

Today also was the first day of my assignment to go to Rick and Kim's home in Sunrise to give their three hounds -- Hummer, Floyd and Ace -- their noon breaks. This is my third assignment for those guys in the past month, and I'm getting to know those three guys pretty well. Ace, the youngest, can barely contain himself when I walk in. Floyd always greets me at the door with Ace. Hummer, the eldest of the three, usually ambles slowly toward us as his brothers and I are making our way to the patio door.

Always good to see those three guys.

And in the when-it-rains-it-pours department, I got a call from Joy in Plantation a couple of hours ago. She has some long work shifts coming up and asked me to help her out. Turtle, Honey and David need their late-night walks when Joy is pulling long shifts at work. So I'll be going over to see them for the next few nights.

Also in the when-it-rains-it-pours department, I just got a call from Michelle at Friends of Greyhounds giving me a heads-up to expect a call from a two-greyhound home who will be needing some help. I really hope they can wait until next week, but if not, I'll figure something out I guess.



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