Catching up with FoG

Dusty with Kong Cozie
Marvin the Moose and her new collar from Happy Hound Designs give comfort on another morning indoors.
It's been a slow week for Dusty and I. Summer's onset in South Florida has made us kind of lazy -- we're not getting out as much as we used to when the weather was so pleasant.

Kango at Friends of Greyhounds kennels
Kango enjoying a few minutes of free time
But we did get a chance today to get to Friends of Greyhounds. Dusty got a few minutes to run in the yard with her Sunrise buddies before the rains came, and I was able to spend some time with the four guests at the kennels.

As expected, old FoG friend Daniel appeared at the kennels Monday and went home with Domino, the big black hound who stole his heart Saturday at the One Last BBQ gathering. Daniel was ready to adopt a new companion after Jeff crossed the bridge a few weeks ago. Domino's big personality won him over Saturday and pretty much sealed the deal when he planted a big kiss on Daniel late in the day.

And Tuesday, Michelle delivered Posey to his new home in Wilton Manors. He was adopted by the young couple who spent an hour or so talking with Michelle and getting to know Posey at the Saturday gathering.

That left the four guests at the kennels -- Kango, Casey, Stormy and Taylor.

Fuzzy arrives at Friends of Greyhounds
Fuzzy on his arrival at FoG
Update on Kango: He has macular degeneration. It turns out that the skull injury he suffered in his last race a few months ago did not cause his eyesight to start failing. The prognosis is the same -- he's expected to be sightless in a few months. Last I heard, Rick and Janine are still considering adopting him, but nothing is definite.

Casey, meanwhile, has become a completely different animal. His switch flipped at some point in the past week or two, and the extremely shy boy has become one of the family. He's no longer showing reluctance to engage, at least with us humans he has come to know. He's a youngster, a few weeks shy of his second birthday, and he's going to be great with someone looking for a devoted and loyal friend.

Before my FoG day was complete, Michelle got a call from a family who reluctantly decided they had to give up their guy. Fuzzy had been in the home for a more than three years, but family issues forced a separation. I took the ride with Michelle to Cooper City to pick him up and bring him back to Sunrise, where he'll be in the hunt for a new family.

UPDATE: Fuzzy's racing name was Fuzzy's Bob Dylan, but his family renamed him. So he now is Logan.



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