Black hounds all around

Dusty and Fufu at Friends of Greyhounds
Fufu (yellow collar) and Dusty
Looking for a beautiful black female hound like Dusty to grace your home? If so, Friends of Greyhounds has the dog for you.

Michelle came back from Sanford Orlando Kennel Club earlier this week with two more sleek girls to join Stormy in the kennels in Sunrise. Both of the new hounds, Frozen and Fufu, are gorgeous. Of course, how can they not be?

Dusty and I drove to Sunrise this morning to meet the two new arrivals. As soon as I saw both of the new ones were black girls, I decided I had to get a group photo of them, Dusty and Stormy. But Michelle and I couldn't make it happen. We took the four of them out to the backyard and tried several times to get them all together, but they wouldn't cooperate. It really was like trying to herd cats. Too many dogs, not enough handlers to pull this one off.

So I turned on the video camera and got what I could of them milling about. Here's one. Check Dusty's Videos for three more.

Fufu and Frozen make four new arrivals at FoG this week -- Clifford and Boogie came in Sunday from the Hialeah compound. Kango and Clifford should be going out to their new homes next week. Taylor, Boogie, Logan and the three black hounds are available for adoption.



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