The Dusty trail

Dusty in the Kia Koach 4-18-17
Dusty ready for the road
Dusty and I will be off on a road trip Wednesday. We're heading to Largo, in the Tampa Bay area, to visit her grandparents for a couple of days -- and, most importantly, to make some adjustments to Dad's Roku.

I'll be doing all the driving while Dusty kicks back and takes in the scenery from her tricked-out Kia Koach.

Doc at Friends of Greyhounds
Doc, shortly after his arrival
What's up, Doc? What's up is that Doc, a sleek little marble-faced brindle boy, came to Friends of Greyhounds on Monday as a new kennel guest, bringing the roster up to eight -- seven boys and one girl.

Jerry and I helped Michelle test the newer guests yesterday for their cat-tolerance. Doc passed the test, making him a good candidate for prospective adopters with small animals already in the home.

The two red kennel guests -- big beauty Randy and small, muscular Nadine -- passed with flying colors. Bashful Casey didn't get the test. Ringo was brought in for his turn, but he was so freaked out by the tile floors that we couldn't get him to focus on the test.

The other guests -- Kango, Ralph and Domino -- definitely wouldn't be good in a feline home.

Keep an eye on the kennel guest roster here. Or call Jerry or Michelle at FoG, 954-578-0072, to ask questions about one of the dogs or about the adoption process.

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