Randy's new home

Lucy and Randy on their first day together
Lucy poses for a portrait with Randy, whose attention is absorbed by his new beautiful lake view.
Dusty again got to spend a couple of hours with Uncle Jerry and his dogs as Michelle and I took another drive to western Miami -- this time to deliver Randy to his new family.

Randy's lake view
Randy really loves that lake view.
Ric and Janelle and their two kids, Lucy and Austin, are going to share their large townhouse with Randy. The big red boy has a nice wraparound backyard with a great water view. Inside, he'll have plenty of room to roam. It'll take him a few days, maybe a week or two, to learn how to get upstairs. But when he does, he will have his own personal bedroom, which he graciously will share with Lucy's dollhouse.

Michelle and I missed Austin. Lucy was really excited to welcome Randy, as were her parents. Looks like Randy has found himself a great situation to learn to become a family pet.

A busy week ahead: Doc goes out Monday to a greyhound-experienced home in Wilton Manors, and Michelle heads to Orlando on Tuesday to pick up a couple of more dogs. Wednesday, I'll begin a pet-sitting stint in Plantation with Holly and her feline siblings. I'll keep you posted.



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