Dusty meets her match

A lot of comings and goings at Friends of Greyhounds right now with new guests coming into the kennels and several greyhounds leaving for permanent homes.

New FoG guest Stormy
The flurry started with Ralph and Nadine going to new homes and Kango going out on an audition in Cutler Bay earlier in the week.

Ralph returned to the Sunrise kennels today to get a microchip and to make his adoption official. A short time later, former guest Molly appeared at the permanent residence, where she'll be staying for a few days while her family takes a vacation.

Dusty and I showed up a couple of minutes behind Molly for our volunteer shift giving noontime walks to the guests -- and to meet a couple of new arrivals Michelle picked up Friday in Hialeah.

And that's when Dusty met her match -- Stormy, a shiny 3-year-old black female who could pass as Dusty's twin sister. Look closely: You can tell them apart by noting that Stormy has very little white on the end of her tail, on her nose and on her feet.

Stormy and brindle boy Posey won't be the newbies for long. Michelle is planning to head to Orlando on Tuesday to pick up a couple of more guests.

In the meantime, Randy, Doc and Ringo will be heading out soon to their new homes. Randy is going to southwest Miami on Sunday morning, Doc to Oakland Park on Monday afternoon.

Randy and Doc
Randy and Doc will be leaving FoG soon.
Ringo was claimed by a couple who arrived at the kennels shortly after Dusty and I left earlier today. His departure is TBD.

At the end of the day, there still is no room at the inn. The guest residences are still full -- at least they will be with the arrival of the Orlando pickups Tuesday. The most important thing is that the wheels are turning, and dogs are finding permanent homes.

Besides the new arrivals, those looking for their perfect families are shy Casey and dynamic Domino -- as well as Kango, who's waiting to hear back from the family he visited the other day.

As always, keep an eye on Friends of Greyhounds' website.

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