Dusty hangs with buddies in Boca

Randy with Michelle of FoG
Michelle and Randy with an audience at Pet Supermarket
Dusty is one tired greyhound.

First was the three-day trip to Tampa Bay. Then she had a day of total confusion as strangers came into her home to remove the monstrous entertainment center and I rearranged everything else to create a new living room.

But Sunday was not a day of rest for the weary greyhound.The day started with both of us getting soaked, caught too far from home on our morning walk as the sky opened up in a sudden downpour. 

Dusty enjoyed a nice, relaxing towel massage once we got home. And then, she found herself dashing through the rain again to get loaded into the Kia Koach for a 30-minute drive north to Boca Raton to help out at a Friends of Greyhounds meet-and-greet at the Pet Supermarket at Westwinds of Boca.

Dusty's always thrilled to go to any pet shop for a bit of window-shopping. But she was ecstatic when she walked into Pet Supermarket and saw Randy and Doc snuggling with customers in the main aisle, with Michelle seated behind holding the leashes.

Dusty, Randy and Doc
Dusty, Randy and Doc
It was a pretty busy rainy Sunday afternoon at Pet Supermarket, so the dogs had plenty of customers to charm. The savvy store manager slated the FoG visit to coincide with a scheduled event by a local veterinarian to provide free examinations and goodies for customers. A rep for Hill's Science Diet also was there handing out snacks for everyone who walked on four legs. 

It was a great day. Michelle talked to three or four people who showed some real interest in visiting the kennel to consider adopting one of the dogs. Her donation jar received a good deal of attention. And we had to use an industrial-strength dolly to wheel out the big box of donated canned food -- that was in addition to the four or five shopping bags full we carried out by hand.

FoG was a big hit with the staff and customers at Pet Supermarket. Michelle was invited back for a couple of Sunday afternoons next month. She's tentatively scheduled May 7 and 21. I'll let you know when that becomes official. You should stop by and say hello.

Michelle told me, by the way, that Roman-nose Ralph is in a home on a trial visit with a greyhound-experienced family. She's fairly confident Ralphy will become a permanent member of the family. She also told me she has adoption applications from folks interested in Nadine and Doc. Things got busy at FoG while I was away.

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