Dusty goes shopping

Dusty shopping at PetSmart
"Dad, I think the Nutro Essentials is on sale."
Dusty watched and waited patiently all morning as I assembled my new no-tools TV stand that arrived in a box from Amazon.com Thursday night. Morning is usually her time, when we get out for a long walk or a run in the park or something.

Dusty watching the gerbils
"Some day, I'll have one of my very own."
But it's getting a little harder for us to stay out long, what with the thick, humid airs of summer starting to arrive here in South Florida. And besides, that long, heavy box was propped up in the corner of the entryway calling my name for attention.

As expected, that 20-minute easy-assembly piece of furniture ended up taking about three hours. Oh, the TV stand went together quite nicely and very easily. But one thing led to another, of course -- while we're here, let's adjust these TV legs; let's move those speakers over here, no over there; might as well empty these storage boxes and start arranging the display; on and on and on.

And for the entire time, Dusty was settled into her Serta bed about three feet away watching for the slightest hint that I would make a move for the front door and take her away from this boredom.

Dusty not so much with the pawdicure
Not her favorite part of the shopping trip
By the time I finished up and was satisfied that everything was arranged just right, it was closing in on noontime, and the sun was pounding at about 88 degrees and feeling like about 95. So I gave Dusty a quick potty visit to the back of the building and decided to put her in the car and give her some quality time wandering the aisles at the PetSmart just around the corner.

She loves her PetSmart visits. And the girls who work the day shift over there love to see her walk in. They all know her by name by now. Dusty has such a good time there, and I like taking her there on hot days. I'll usually always buy a can of food or a small toy or something during those visits, just to ease my guilt for wearing down the hard floors or taking up their time or something.

This time, Dusty was overdue for a pawdicure. Her nails have been clicking the pavement for a few days, my signal that she needs a grinding. That's not a job I really care to do, so I just let the PetSmart resident groomers take care of it. Besides, it gives me an excuse to take Dusty there for a visit.

Enjoy the photos.



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