Delivering Nadine

Angela and Nadine
Nadine and her new mom, Angela, in her new backyard
Dusty got to spend a couple of hours this morning with her friends over at the Friends of Greyhounds residence. Her visit with Mitzi, Chumlee, Yahtzee, Joy and Uncle Jerry was relaxing and uneventful as far as I know.

At the least, it kept her occupied for awhile as I climbed into Michelle's van for a ride-along to deliver Nadine to her new home in Kendall.

This is the second time I've gone with Michelle on a home delivery, and it's such a kick. It gives me a chance to bond one last time with a dog I've gotten to know at the FoG kennels. And the excited greeting we get from the new family when we knock on the door is the best -- after all, what we're delivering is much more highly anticipated than a big box from Amazon.

Nadine in her new backyard
Nadine taking a tour of her new home
Nadine's new parents are a retired couple who recently lost their beloved greyhound and were ready to start fresh with a new youngster. Joe wasn't home when we arrived, but Angela was there to greet us and show everyone around. Once we got a quick tour of the big fenced backyard, Angela and Michelle sat down in the dining room to do the adoption paperwork.

I was put in charge of keeping my eye on Nadine as she scampered around inside and out sniffing her new digs -- and, near the end of our visit, meeting and greeting her new feline sibling. That last part went well. Both of them reacted with mild indifference, a good sign that they'll get along just fine.

Nadine's adoption leaves FoG with an all-male guest list -- Doc, who could be finding a home soon; Kango, scheduled to have a visitor Wednesday; black boys Ringo and Domino; shy Casey; and stately Randy. Four more guests are knocking at the door, though, so the kennel will be full again by the end of the week.



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