A visit with the grandparents

Dusty with the Sharps
Family portrait at Grandma and Grandpa's house
Dusty is back home, resting up from an exciting couple of days visiting her grandparents over on the state's Left Coast.

I don't know who gets more excited about seeing each other -- Dusty or the Sharps. It's a pretty close call. Dusty goes into her head-bobbing, tail-whirling greeting every time one of them appears in her line of sight. And both Mom and Dad break out into a huge smile every time they see her.

Dusty and dad
Sharing a moment with Grandpa
It was Dusty's second visit to the grandparents' home, the first since Christmastime. She was a little cranky Wednesday evening, probably because her daily routine got all out of whack. But I got her out Thursday for a short pre-breakfast workout at nearby Northeast Park and Paw Place, and she felt right at home for the rest of the visit.

Dusty got to spend a bit of time in dog heaven Thursday evening, when a couple neighbors stopped by to meet her. Mom and Dad love to show the girl off to their friends.

She had a great couple of days. She got to spend quite a bit of time in the Kia Koach, which she loves. She got to take a couple of long walks in Largo Central Park, home to hundreds of stalkable squirrels. And she got to spend a couple of days showing off for the grandparents, who love to watch her every move, even when she's sprawled out sleeping across her travel pillow bed.

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