A great day at Flamingo Road Nursery

Ann and hounds at One Last Cast BBQ
Ann surrounded by Creepy, Randy, Diffy, Bambi and Bob
Dusty is sound asleep now, wiped out after another great gathering at One Last Cast BBQ at Flamingo Roads Nursery. It was a glorious day for what was probably the final Friends of Greyhounds outdoors gathering of the season.

Bambi and Chili at Flamingo Gardens
Bambi talking it over with her new whippet friend, Chili
Some of the regulars were there -- Jerry B. brought Slinky; Mike had a grumpy Andy on his leash; John and the family brought Creepy, who's always a hit with the regulars. We also got to see Bambi and her parents. We saw several others whose names haven't burned into my little brain as of yet. And our hosts, Michelle and Jerry of Friends of Greyhounds, brought a couple of the kennel dogs, rambunctious Ralph and beautiful Randy.

Everyone always has a good time at these gatherings spending time with longtime two- and four-legged friends. And it's always a kick when random nursery visitors and their youngsters stop in to meet and say hello to the greyhounds.

Not sure when the next FOG gathering will happen. With summer fast approaching here in South Florida, we probably won't be getting outside much for a few months. But the dogs might converge at one of the pet stores or at someone's residence at some point. Keep an eye on the Friends of Greyhounds website (www.friendsofgreyhounds.org) to stay posted. And I'll let you know when I know.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. And keep your eyes peeled here at dustyandme.com. I'll be fleshing out this new website quite a bit over the next few days.

Dusty after Flamingo Gardens gathering
The aftermath


  1. The new Website looks GREYT!! We'll have to behave ourselves now so we look good on your blog!

    1. The more you misbehave, the more mentions you'll probably get. Thanks, Michelle.


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